Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. I’m starting a new story, and it’s always fitting to start it with a picture as the prompt. The story is called, Trouble with Eden, and it will be part of my All for Love Series. Picture prompt scenes are limited to 300 words. Here’s the picture I selected.


The sounds of sirens roused him. Had he passed out? Where was his phone? …

“Get a collar on him.” Hands fiddled around his neck. “Mr. Rivers, can you hear me?”

He cracked open an eye and stared into the paramedic’s face. “Yes.”

“Good. We’re going to get you out of here and transport you to the hospital. I’m going to cover your face while the firemen get the door open.”

He tried to nod, but the collar made it impossible to move his head. Instead, he closed his eyes again.

The screeching sound of metal filled his ears. Within seconds, someone had extricated him from the car and placed him on his back on a gurney.

“My car … I need the stuff in my car,” he muttered.

“Don’t worry about anything. The tow truck’s here. You can get whatever you need from the service station once you’re released from the hospital.”

“Which service station?” There couldn’t only be one in town

“Hang on. The man moved a few feet away, He turned his head to follow his movements. A tow truck was backing towards the rear of his vehicle. Someone jumped out—a man with long, blond hair, pulled into a ponytail and yanked through the opening of his ball cap. The man was slight—must be just out of his teens.

“E J, where you taking this one?”

“Hey, Carl. It’s a Mercedes. Only place I can take it is Frampton’s in Westboro. I’ve already notified them, and someone will meet me there. Guy okay?”

The tow truck driver’s voice was higher pitched than the medic’s. It had to be the injury he’d sustained; otherwise, he would swear that it was a woman’s voice. Whoever heard of a lady tow truck driver?

That’s it. Stay safe and don’t forget to check out the other Tuesday Tales

Published by Susanne Matthews

Hi! I live in Eastern Ontario. I'm married with three adult children and five wonderful grandchildren. I prefer warm weather, and sunshine but winter gives me time to write. If I’m listening to music, it will be something from the 1960s or 1970s. I enjoy action movies, romantic comedies, but I draw the line at slasher flicks and horror. I love science fiction and fantasy as well. I love to read; I immerse myself in the text and, as my husband says, the house could fall down around me, and I’d never notice. My preferences are as varied as there are genres, but nothing really beats a good romance, especially one that is filled with suspense. I love historical romance too, and have read quite a few of those. If I’m watching television, you can count on it being a suspense — I’m not a fan of reality TV, sit-coms, or game shows. Writing gives me the most pleasure. I love creating characters that become real and undergo all kinds of adventures. It never ceases to amaze me how each character can take on its own unique personality; sometimes, they grow very different from the way I pictured them! Inspiration comes from all around me; imagination has no bounds. If I can think it, imagine it, I can write it!

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