Tuesday Tales: From the Word TURKEY

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. After gorgeous late fall temperatures in the 70s, it snowed last week. Considering we’re just a little more than a month from Christmas Day, it was bound to happen. Hubby is back at work, no worse for the wear and tear, and things are slowly getting back to normal.Continue reading “Tuesday Tales: From the Word TURKEY”

Tuesday Tales: From the Word MOTHER

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tales. The White Dahlia is now published and I’m focussing on a different type of book, something lighter. Make Mine a Manhattan will be the fifth book in my Cocktails for You series. The blurb to date: What’s an author to do when, thanks to writer’s block, she’sContinue reading “Tuesday Tales: From the Word MOTHER”

Tuesday Tales: From the Word WIN

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. It’s been a little chilly up here, but the weatherman promises warmer temperatures are on the way. This week’sword prompt is WIN. I continue with The White Dahlia. Calls to Brownsville, New York City’s deadliest neighborhood, never boded well. Within less than a square mile rose more than oneContinue reading “Tuesday Tales: From the Word WIN”

Tuesday Tales: From the Word SKINNY

Welcome to the mid-September edition of Tuesday tales, the weekly blog where a small group of authors share their works in progress with you. Each week, we write to a word or picture prompt. This week, the word is SKINNY. All posts are limited to 400 words. I’m continuing with my romantic thriller, The WhiteContinue reading “Tuesday Tales: From the Word SKINNY”

Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

Well, we’ve made it through eight months of this difficult year. The last summer long weekend is behind us and the kids are heading back to school, either in person or online. God alone knows what the fall will bring. Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. This is picture prompt week and all scenes areContinue reading “Tuesday Tales: From a Picture”

Tuesday Tales: From the Word LONELY

Still struggling to try and recover my original WordPress account, but it seems it may be impossible to do. Welcome to September’s first Tuesday Tales, a weekly blog where a select group of authors share their works in process with you. This week, our writing prompt is LONELY. I continue with the fourth book inContinue reading “Tuesday Tales: From the Word LONELY”

Tuesday Tales: From the Word BARK

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. If the site looks different, it’s because everything has vanished on me and I’n struggling to rebuild it, not an easy task I can assure you, especially when I can’t seem to figure out how I did it in the first place! No doubt I’ve misplaced all my followersContinue reading “Tuesday Tales: From the Word BARK”